Meet the Creative

Hello! My name is Alika, and I am the founder & creative behind Studio A.


I am passionate for helping like-minded & passionate business owners to craft brand stories and establish bespoke & strategic visual identities that speak to your target audience.



& we want to work with you to achieve that


Studio A is a passionate branding & visual communications studio that specializes in bringing brand stories to life and helping businesses establish purposeful brand identities.

From your vision to story to process, we're ever-curious in understanding your brand and bringing pieces of it together so that you end up with tailored branding that reflects on your brand ethos, all while solidifying these visions into tangible craft through the use of print, media and logo designs. 

A little more about me

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I am based in the Sunny island of Singapore, but have been serving clients worldwide since I started my business.

Before my journey in branding & design, I studied Aviation Management for 3 years, and yes, hated it, lol.

One of my ethos is "Simplicity is Significance". I adore minimalism and believe that less is more when it comes to making a significant impact.

I am very much a tea person and would pick tea over coffee any time, any day. My favourite tea has to be something with a berry aftertaste, or earl grey is always a classic.

The end goal is to be able to have as much freedom to travel while continue pursuing my passion. Australian beaches are one of my favourite places to go to, and I would particularly love to visit Canada, Switzerland, China and India in the next few years.  

Before starting Studio A, I was a co-founder of a jewelry e-commerce business; That was where I learned more about marketing and managing an e-commerce platform. 


I am a mild introvert but I love staying indoors. It's funny because I love being outdoors when I travel. My workspaces usually includes a lot of pillows and bedsheets.

I absolutely detest cold weather but I find it interesting to be in a snowing/winter country.(Singapore is sunny 365 days a year!) I usually opt to be in a sunny climate though - I need the heat! 

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