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It's a dream come true just to be here.

My name is Alika, and I'm the founder and creative behind Studio A. This all began in the middle of lockdown 2 years ago. Out of a job, stuck at home, and searching for my own place in the world, I took a leap and invested in my own passion project. I spent hours upskilling, taking risks (many of which failed), doing scattered freelance work for low prices, and posting for just over 100 followers on Instagram. Today, I'm here — doing what I love for people that I love. Having gone through all that, I wanted to help others do the same, with less struggle and more support.

Flower Vase and Coral

You empower our work, and we empower your brand.

We problem-solve to create our future.

Through our work, I've met so many inspiring female entrepreneurs with bold ambitions to transform their communities. But even the most amazing people sometimes don't know where to start. I've found that the answer is: intentional, strategic, and creative design. We don't just create brands that look pretty; we craft deliberate, purposeful identities that give your vision a voice and personality and communicate it clearly to people who will listen. And from there, you can create amazing things — maybe even change the world.



Sunny days &
beach getaways.


Our dream future looks a little something like...

You'll love working with us if...

+ Global industries led by female-driven startups

+ Nurturing, supportive networks of small biz owners who lift each other up through wins and losses alike

+ Creative strategic design playing a key role in incubating bold ideas

+ It's always been your dream to have your own business

+ Creating a strong, comprehensive backbone for your brand is important to you

+ You're looking for a collaborative process 



The connections we make mean the most to us.

We value long-lasting partnerships built on mutual support, collaboration, and passion for our work. Our clients are our friends both personally and professionally; we hope to journey alongside you long beyond our projects. If you're invested in achieving your vision (no matter how big or small!) and are looking for a partner to team up with, I think we're set to create amazing things together.


Say hello, we love to work with new friends.

Follow The Journey @studio_a_co

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