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Goodbye Deck Template

  • The end of a project is always bittersweet. Especially if you've had a great client, we don't actually want to bid goodbye to them. Here's where the Goodbye Deck comes in! Our template is designed to be a memorable, sentimental journey that recaps all you've created and achieved with your client, while subtly encouraging them to come back for more. Add a personal touch to your client experience, and give them something special to part with — so that the end doesn't really have to be the end.

    Clients often need a decent amount of help and resources at the end of a project, and we often need their help in turn as well. Our template achieves this balance with several different sections that facilitate a smooth transition. We've included pages specifically to explain how clients can access the files and resources they need, question sections for after-project help, as well as pages to advertise your additional services, ask for feedback and encourage them to make referrals. The whole process thing is designed as a story, taking the client through a guided flow from their immediate next steps, to thinking about the future — packing loads of info and promotion in without being too heavy-handed.

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