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Hashtag Research Workbook

  • An all-in-one guided workbook for researching, generating and implementing hashtags to grow your Instagram account organically. Suitable for everyone of all backgrounds and account types to use.


    The Hashtag Research Workbook comes with the following sections:
    Step-by-Step Guide
    Brand Assessment
    Hashtag Banks
    Tips and Tricks


    Designed to function as a workflow and information container, this workbook is the only document you will ever need to manage your Instagram account. It contains a strategic analysis of your brand and Instagram account, specially tailoring the hashtags you generate to your brand alone. Extensive tips and guidance are provided throughout the document to help you generate the best hashtags for you.


    Furthermore, the editable nature of this document provides the flexibility in editing your information when you expand or rebrand. Though designed as a document, this workbook is effectively a social media management tool.


    Includes a bonus section of tips and tricks. Contains an extensive list of expert advice and recommended practices on every step of the process: hashtag research, hashtag generation and hashtag implementation. Also includes suggested resources.

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