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Transforming lives with positivity, compassion, and confidence.

Em and Elizabeth are two positive personalities helming an equally uplifting personal coaching business that empowers women to live a limitless life with self-belief. 

As a brand built on trust and authenticity, we made sure to craft an approachable identity through a fun but friendly typeface, with custom curves and details in the logo to inject that pop of positivity. This primary typeface is complemented by a clean but casual type system, maintaining a sense of professionalism and groundedness that is key to their work.

To enhance the feeling of comfort and amiability, we chose a soft, neutral colour palette with visually inviting yet calming colours that make their audience feel welcome and at ease.

Together with Em and Elizabeth, we developed a strategic brand identity that allowed both of their positive, inspiring and passionate personalities to shine through, while maintaining a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness that draws people into the brand.
Image by Katsia Jazwinska
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