The process is simple.




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This is where we take the time to understand and discover more about your brand.


An in depth brand questionnaire is sent over for you to fill in. After filling it in, research will be done and a tailored proposal containing preliminary deliverables such as moodboards, colour palettes and foundational ideas will be submitted based on the given information.


When the proposal is approved, we will dive into putting ideas into design concepts for your logo. 3-4 design concepts will be sent over for your review. The collaterals (add-ons) are done next, after the logos, typography, brand elements and colours are perfectly in place. We’ll also work on brand mockups so you can envision your brand in real life! The refinement process also takes place here - until everything looks perfect and ready to go!


Time to show off your new branding to the world - launch day comes when you receive all your brand elements in a consolidated google drive folder, along with a set of comprehensive branding guidelines that will help you navigate how to use them effectively. Our journey might not stop here! most clients opt for a website or collateral/retainer add-on so they can fully focus on running their business.


Such a fantastic service. Alika was professional and friendly, she didn't take too long that I was impatient but wasn’t too fast that I felt there was not effort put in. The perfect balance of advice and recommendations without over stepping my boundaries. Alika completely appreciated and respected my vision for my brand! Thank you so much!

- Candice, Bluebell & Ellis