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Good design meets at the intersection of passion, intention, and creativity.

We like to think of design as problem-solving — and that entails creativity, experimentation, and purposeful approaches. In our process, we combine design with strategy to figure out not just the how, but why.


Your brand starts with you.

Behind every brand is the team that makes it happen. We want to get to know you first: what your business means to you, why it fulfills you, and what you want to achieve. From there, we’ll be better able to understand the purpose, personality, and reach of your brand. We do all this through an in-depth brand questionnaire for you to fill in before the project starts.



Developing a Unique Voice. 

While you are a big part of your brand, your brand still needs its own separate identity. Taking all the information you’ve given us, we’ll piece together a complex picture of how your brand should look, feel, and sound like. This identity is optimized to resonate with the target audience we identify and set you apart from main competitors in your field. Any work we do next will be based off of this strategy.



Visuals speak a thousand words.

Then comes the part everyone loves — moodboards, colours, logos, and more. We take the strategy and deliberately craft visual elements to communicate your brand message. Typically, we’ll send a proposal with a few ideas and then work together to tweak and revise. Once we’ve finalized a foundational creative direction, we’ll move on to any other brand collaterals (if applicable).


Time to step out into the world.

Once all deliverables are complete, you’ll receive them in a consolidated folder with various guidelines to help you navigate and use our resources. Our journey doesn’t really end there however, because we’re always available for post-project support. And if you’d like to work with us again, we’d be more than happy to. Many of our clients do, for anything ranging from web design to social media management.


After that, we rinse and repeat.

This process isn’t just for branding or big projects; it’s a tried and true approach for any work that we do. Be it social media, one-day intensives, small foundational projects, or a full-out branding rehaul, we follow the same steps — because it works, all the time. The exact deliverables will be different for everyone, but we’re always doing the same work behind-the-scenes.

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