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Sustainable homeware for stylish, sophisticated living spaces.

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Keerthi, the face behind So At Nature, redefines sustainability as sophisticated and elegant by furnishing modern homes with stylish but eco-friendly products. 

An elegant yet personable typeface was chosen to reflect this belief, balancing a clean and sophisticated look with more inviting, dynamic curves. This primary typeface is complemented by equally stylish and timeless typefaces that remain accessible through the nod to the label makers used to label jars and various homeware.

We also picked out a palette of simple, classic colours that create a stunning contrast when paired together, creating a feeling of luxury and finery.

Together with Keerthi, we developed a dynamic brand suite that pairs well with a diverse range of modern homes and homeware, while impressing a lingering feeling of elegance, style and sophistication without straying too far from a natural look and feel.
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