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Sustainable homeware for stylish, sophisticated living spaces.

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A mindful, holistic lifestyle focused on our own personal wellbeing is something that Sonia, the founder of Altarverse, strongly and whole-heartedly believes in. Altarverse, though primarily a crystal brand, is much more than just crystals to her — it's about building a special, mystical, safe haven for yourself.

Her vision was something magical yet grounded, balancing the mystique and beauty of her crystals with a down-to-earth and calm philosophy. To achieve that, we chose a strong, unique font that retained clean lines and curves, complemented with custom sparkles and shapes that bring the magic while remaining simple. A custom snake submark appears throughout all logo variations, encapsulating everything about the brand while adding something special, helping the brand stand out distinctly.

We picked out earthy tones that feel impactful and magical, yet bringing in a strong sense of groundedness with the muted, nature-inspired shades. Together with Sonia, we created the most unique and mystical brand suite that extends all the way to distinctive collaterals, while still having something wonderfully versatile and dynamic for every aspect of her business, be it impactful or calm, mystical or grounded.
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