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Fashion Photography
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Capturing meaningful moments of elegance and passion.

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Mia is a brilliant photographer who has been offering premium wedding and branding photography for many years. Her expansive experience and knowledge equips her to take on several roles — she also mentors upcoming photographers. As such, we agreed on a versatile brand suite that encompasses both aspects of her business, balancing a classy and sleek luxury with a simpler, more inviting reliability.

We thoughtfully selected a sophisticated display font that exudes elegance and establishes a strong, bold presence. A custom monogram mark enhances this, and echoes the brand's positioning as an industry leader. To complement this primary typeface, we implemented a clean, simple and friendly type system to ground the showier elements, and included a handwritten-style script to bring in the element of trustworthiness and tie in with the educational side of her business.

The accompanying colour palette is composed of dark charcoal and light nude tones, creating a clean and timeless palette that contrasts stunningly when paired together.

At the end of all this, Mia and I created a wonderfully dynamic brand suite that caters to all aspects of her business and enhances her positioning in the industry.
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