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The Nature Theory Company

summer 2020: branding & brand collaterals

Nature Theory is an all natural brand that creates beautiful blends of oils to help with every hair and skin issues women face. From hair elixirs to ace and body oils, Nature Theory is guaranteed to satisfy those looking for natural remedies.

Camile, founder of Nature Theory, desired something luxurious, feminine and modern for the brand. I picked out a strong, monochromatic colour scheme (complemented by other shades of neutrals) to bring forth a premium and luxurious brand experience, catered specially to attract customers that appreciate the finer products in life, and would fawn over gorgeous packaging and aesthetics.

Screenshot 2020-11-01 at 2.36.08 AM.png

Fig 01. Nature Theory Tissue Paper

LF NDT (2).png

Fig 02. Nature Theory Secondary Logo

Screenshot 2020-11-01 at 2.36.36 AM.png

Fig 03. Nature Theory Packaging

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Nature Theory Main Logo
Nature Theory Alternate Logo
Nature Theory Submark
Nature Theory
Nature Theory
Photo from Pinterest
Nature Theory
Photo from Pinterest
Nature Theory
Nature Theory
Nature Theory Box Packaging
Nature Theory Tissue Paper Packaging
Nature Theory


It has been such a pleasure working with Alika. I appreciate her patience and willingness to try new things and take direction for my brand. We made a great team and I couldn't have chosen anyone better. I admire how she listened and gave her input on everything. I will absolutely be working with her again.

- Camille, Founder of Nature Theory
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