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Image by Fleur Kaan
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Luxurious skincare in the comfort of your own home.

Soiree is a French clean beauty brand specializing in luxurious, professional evening skincare that is accessible to all. Soiree believes in embracing our natural skin and allowing it to shine, and aims to make clean, high-end beauty rest affordable and easy to achieve for everyone.

In order to balance a sophisticated, refined look with an open, inclusive mission, we chose an elegant, timeless typeface, paired with more personable but equally simple and sophisticated typefaces for the secondary and body type.

The colour palette was thoughtfully selected to represent a range of skin tones, reflecting the inclusivity the brand strives to achieve, while keeping a natural feeling and maintaining a versatile system that pairs well with all models, products, photography and more.

Simply drawn curves throughout branding elements and patterns bring everything together in a visually interesting manner, at the same time echoing the sentiment of all-natural beauty and an understated, unintimidating elegance.
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